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What Is The Definition Of “Flexible Office Space”?

Flexible office space is what many businesses are looking for these days. With the rise in technology and remote working, more people than ever before can work from home or on the go. However, what does “flexible” mean when it comes to office space? One of the most important aspects of this type of work environment is that there aren’t any long-term commitments, you simply rent a desk by the hour or day as needed.  This type of office space is perfect for those who have to work from home, but don’t want the isolation or lack of productivity that can come with it.

  • Save money without sacrificing office space
  • Perfect for remote jobs
  • Add flexibility to your work environment
  • Unlimited access to any work space
  • 24/7 access and availability 

Flexible office spaces are all over the country and what used to be a rare option has now become one that many companies offer their employees as an alternative to working at home. While this may not always be what’s best for a company, there are certainly some great reasons why you should consider flexible offices instead of going back into your traditional office.

  • Flexible office space can’t be turned down on a whim
  • Great for remote employees with unpredictable schedules
  • Get the best of both worlds – work AND home
  • Provides an alternative to working at home
  • Reducing commute time
  • Flexible schedules for working parents
  • Increased productivity and focus
  • No distractions from kids yelling in the background

What is a Flexible Office Space?

Flexible Workspaces is a revolutionary new concept in office space. It’s completely serviced and requires no set-up time, letting you focus on running your business without the hassle of unpackaging furniture or installing equipment. 

With Flexible Workspace, you can enjoy all of a traditional office’s functionality without any hassle. Working in a creative environment is the perfect way to expand your network and collaborate with others. The spacious, flexible workspace provides you with an expanded amount of business opportunities – all under one roof.

  • Save both time and money 
  • No overhead costs or hidden fees 
  • Improve your productivity now
  • Open-concept office design
  • Beautiful, high tech environment
  • Flexible hours and work from home options
  • Unlimited coffee and snacks in the kitchen

What are the types of flexible office space?

In a world where the workplace is constantly evolving, companies have found ways to create flexibility for workers through creative desking options and space structures that offer them more independence. 

Flexible space is a popular solution for many companies. Here are just a few of the most common types:

1. Dedicated Desk

A dedicated desk is a workstation that’s all yours. Being situated within an open plan area, you will share common areas with other members or tenants but have exclusive use of your own space including storage cabinets and even lockers.

The convenience of having your belongings remain at the desk all day is one reason why dedicated desks are becoming more popular. For this reason, they are usually slightly pricier than hot-desks but provide greater peace of mind knowing where you’ll be working from every single workday.

All offices have a variety of options available, from serviced office spaces in which you’ll be given equipment and software to help with your work flow or shared workspaces that allow multiple people access at the same time.


By Nyttend – Own work, Public Domain,

2. Hot Desk (First-come, first-served desk)

A hot desk is similar to a dedicated workstation, except you don’t have an assigned workstation. For this reason they are usually cheaper than allocated desks. Renting a hot desk in an open plan area allows you to work from any location while enjoying onsite amenities like meeting facilities, kitchen and breakout areas.

    Hot desks can be found in coworking centers and most serviced offices, while shared office spaces usually prefer to stick with dedicated desks for easier management.

3. Private Flexible Offices

A private office can range from a single-person to an entire floor with multiple offices and open plan areas. The key thing being that it’s exclusively yours and always secure.

A private office can be rented in any of the flexible office centres. You get added benefits such as mail handling and phone answering for an affordable price with a serviced center rental, but if you just need space to work alone then coworking or shared works too.

4. Virtual Office

Virtual offices may be the most affordable type of space on the list, as they provide a reputable address and business support without any physical office. Virtual offices are great for small businesses and home workers in need of a reputable business address. They’re also popular among companies expanding into new markets, as the virtual office system helps build trust with a local presence.

Flexible office space is easy and fast to get signed up for. From booking a selection of tours, it’s best to understand the differences between centres and types of spaces available before making any decisions.

5. On-Demand Meeting & Conference Rooms

Flex workspace providers offer meeting rooms that can be booked on an ad-hoc basis. Some spaces open up their space for public use as well, and these Flex workspaces are only available to those who don’t have a membership.

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