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What Businesses Are Perfect For A Flexible Office Space?

There are many business types that are perfect candidates for a flexible office space. Small businesses, startups, and even freelancers can all benefit from this type of workspace. These offices have become increasingly popular in recent years because they offer some great benefits to their clients.

What kind of business would benefit most from having an office that they can adapt to their needs, rather than needing the whole building or certain rooms with specific features only available in particular places?

There are countless types of companies that could be well suited to this concept and each one has its own benefits depending on what you’re looking for out of your working environment. 

Here are the different types of businesses that would be good fits for them:

Virtual Company

Having open-plan spaces with low walls is ideal because it maximizes connectivity between people so everyone feels included rather than isolated behind closed doors even if they work remotely sometimes. It also means that everyone can see when someone is in the office and therefore available for meetings, which makes it more likely they’ll be able to meet up with their colleagues face-to-face.


What startup doesn’t fit these criteria? The most important thing in a coworking space isn’t your own individual office; it’s access to good conference rooms where teams can brainstorm together, work on projects in close proximity or simply hold client meetings having already established some rapport by working alongside each other. Whether you’re still trying to get off the ground or are already making millions there are always new opportunities out there so being surrounded by others who have similar ambitions and can share valuable knowledge is incredibly beneficial.

Flexible Workers 

What’s one thing that creative industries like advertising and design have in common? They’re made up of people who work independently much of the time but still need to brainstorm together from time to time or take advantage of meeting rooms when they do joint projects with other agencies.

Flexible office spaces are perfect for this because individuals usually come along whether they’ve got a full day free or just an hour so there’ll always be someone available to meet up with you if all your collaborators happen to be busy at the same time.

In addition, they also have their own community events which include networking opportunities for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as educational classes that you might not have the budget or time to attend on your own.


Almost a third of the country’s workforce are freelancers full-time or part-time. Freelancers have a variety of reasons for not wanting to work from home. They may have noisy roommates, children, or pets, among other things. Perhaps they don’t have a nice desk or stable internet connection, an atmosphere that encourages working, or simply wish to keep their home and work lives distinct.

  • Freedom of choice when it comes to your work environment
  • Improve productivity by working in a collaborative office space 
  • Enjoy the luxuries of home without the distractions
  • Receive quality customer service with 24/7 accessibility

Freelancers often want to put a commercial address on their business card, rather than just their home address. Flexible office spaces, on the other hand, provide a distinct physical place for freelancers in areas where having a physical address is crucial.


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Large Businesses With Remote Workers

Remote workers are a big part of the modern economy thanks to today’s connectivity. As we all know, the pandemic has shown just how effective remote work can be for businesses that don’t need every team member in the same room every day.

Working from home isn’t necessarily ideal for every remote employee. It can be hard to stay productive if you don’t have enough distractions or internet at your house, but there are plenty of tools that make working remotely easier. Flexible office space provides the perfect environment to get work done without having distractions.

  • Flexible work hours
  • Resources that allow you to work remotely
  • Connectivity with other business professionals
  • Quiet, tranquil environment

Flexible office spaces are a great way for small businesses with temporary needs to take up less space and be closer in proximity, not only saving money but also increasing productivity.

Small To Medium-Sized Businesses

Flexible office spaces are perfect for professionals in every industry, from insurance and legal firms to marketers. They allow business owners to retain control while still making sure their employees have space that meets their needs.

  • Flexible spaces from offices to coworking
  • Meet your employees’ needs without taking away from yours
  • Booming industry with high demand for space
  • Save time and money on design, construction, and maintenance

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