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Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio - Best Coworking Space Near Me

About the  Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio

The Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio is a mixed-use development that includes the first Nordstrom in central Ohio. This high-end shopping center features not only an upscale department store but also luxury apartments with amazing amenities. Situated on the outskirts of downtown Columbus, this development will be convenient for residents and visitors alike! With over 300 stores and restaurants, there’s something to suit every taste here at The Crosswoods.

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Things to Do in  Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio


The Crosswoods in Columbus is a hidden gem nestled in  Ohio USA. As you make your way down the winding mountain roads, there are plenty of things to do and see. There is a beautiful public golf course that will challenge the most seasoned golfer as well as many hiking trails for those of us who like to get around on two feet! The town has an eclectic mix of restaurants ranging from family-friendly eateries to some very upscale dining establishments. For those looking for more shopping opportunities, there are several outlet stores close by where you can find great deals on designer apparel and accessories.

Here’s a shortlist of our favorite things to do in this amazing community:

ZipZone Outdoor Adventure |  7925 N High St, Columbus, OH 43235

ZipZone Outdoor Adventures is an adventure company that offers a variety of outdoor adventures to suit any age and ability. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly activities or adrenaline-fueled excursions.

ZipZone Outdoor Adventures has been providing outdoor adventures in Columbus, Ohio. We offer many different types of adventures including rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and more. Adventurers can choose from half-day trips or full-day trips depending on their preference. All our guides are fully certified by the Parks Association which means they are trained to the highest standards in outdoor education, safety, and leadership. ZipZone Outdoor Adventures offers an exciting way for you and your family to earn while enjoying activities that both of you and clothing for a lower price. You can also rent rock climbing shoes or watertight bags from us which makes it super convenient if you don’t have your equipment.

Marcus Crosswoods Cinema was a popular destination for those who wanted to see new movies. But as time went by and more theaters opened up, Marcus Crosswoods Cinema fell out of style and became a place people avoided at all costs. In fact, it never even had an official name until recently when it reopened under its original name with only one theater that shows old movies from the past few decades. The goal is to bring back patrons who want a unique experience watching their favorite films on the big screen again without having to go through all the trouble of finding them in some dusty corner of Blockbuster or Netflix. They also have food from different eras available from popcorn stands to candy shops- making this cinema experience something you can’t find anywhere else.

Most major motion pictures are shown at these theaters, which include most of the big chains. Most provide improved picture and sound, as well as additional dining choices.

J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks & Seafood Columbus is the perfect destination for your next special event. We offer a wide variety of entrees, including our signature J. Gilbert’s Angus Filet Mignon and Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Scampi to satisfy any palate. Our expert staff will oversee every detail of your event from start to finish with personalized service that ensures complete satisfaction.

We have an exclusive banquet room for private gatherings of up to 125 guests where you can enjoy the beautiful wood-fired grill aromas while dining on one of our chef-prepared meals or take advantage of our catering service for larger events held at various venues in Columbus, OH. With a warm branch with dark wood and firelight, you’ll find traditional steakhouse cuisine as well as handcrafted beverages.

The Worthington Farmers Market strives to provide an exceptional experience that no other market can match, ensuring that we remain the preferred choice for excellent farmers and culinary artists wanting to direct sell in central Ohio. The Worthington Farmers Market, held on Saturdays in the town square, has been a family tradition since it began. Every Saturday morning my dad would take us all to the market and we’d get breakfast sandwiches from this one stand that had these amazing egg-and-cheese croissants.

The Worthington Farmers Market is a great place to purchase fresh produce and support your local community. In the heart of downtown Worthington, this market features several vendors selling their farm-fresh goods.

Living in  Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio

 Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio is a wonderful experience, but there are many things to consider. Living in  Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio offers great shopping and excellent schools which leaves you with less time on the road. If you’re considering moving to this area of California, you’ll come to love it!

 Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

The St. John AME Church in New Orleans is a historic landmark that was built in the 1800s and has since been designated one of America’s most treasured landmarks and received an award for its restoration efforts after Hurricane Katrina. The building stands as a monument to African American history and culture, but it also serves as a testament to how much can be accomplished when people work together with determination, grace, and compassion. 

The church held on strong through some tough times over the years such as during slavery when blacks were forbidden from worshipping freely or during Hurricane Katrina when many parishioners lost their homes due to flooding while others had to flee the city entirely. Despite all of these hardships though, we have always persevered by not only holding on tightly to our faith but also to the legacy of hope, love, and peace that has been handed down through generations.  

It’s not every day that you walk into a church and are immediately greeted by children laughing, singing, and playing. It was just another normal Sunday morning at the Church Next Door in Ohio. There are no sermons or formal prayers for this congregation of young adults who want to create an inclusive community where anyone can come together to be part of something bigger than themselves.  It may be different from traditional churches, but there is one thing that remains the same; Jesus Christ is still King overall.

This church is dedicated to making God’s love known to all through acts of service and outreach, including feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, donating clothing and household items to those in need, visiting seniors in nursing homes and hospitals, hosting special events like movie nights for children with autism…and so much more! Join us at Worthington Christian Church on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am or Wednesday evenings at 6 pm as we come together in worship. We hope you will join us this Sunday (or any day!) as we endeavor to live out our faith with all that we do. 

We are a non-denominational church that is unapologetically Christian. Our desire is to lift up Jesus and His Word, and celebrate our faith in a way that is life-changing and authentic.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in  Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio 

The  Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio is a great place to live. There are many parks, schools, and other points of interest that make this area so desirable. If you’re considering moving into the area or already living here and want more information about the community, take a look at some of these local gems!

Here’s a short list all located in  Crosswoods in Columbus, Ohio :

The Slate Hill Elementary School is a small school located in the heart of Ohio. Though it doesn’t have many resources, this school strives to provide quality education to the children who live there. 

The teachers at SLES are dedicated to making sure that each student gets what they need in order to succeed academically, no matter their background or abilities. They invest time into giving kids individualized attention so that they can excel in areas where they may be struggling and also encourage them when they do well on assessments or projects. The community as a whole knows that this small school is special, as it’s filled with an abundance of love from all those involved. They know that education is the key to success, so they take their studies seriously, but they also follow rules and respect others while doing so.

The Worthington Parks and Recreation Department has been working to create a community garden for all residents. The idea is that this garden will be maintained by the residents of the town, giving them an opportunity to grow their own food in an environmentally friendly way. 

The Worthington Parks and Recreation Department has been working to create a community garden for all residents. The idea is that this garden will be maintained by the residents of the town, giving them an opportunity to grow their own food in an environmentally friendly way.

The Worthington High School is a public high school in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.  It offers many academic opportunities for students to explore their interests and abilities. 

It’s also home to some great athletic teams. One such team is the cross country team which won its first state championship this year. Thomas Worthington High School has some of the best teachers in Ohio. They are passionate and caring about their students. The school is filled with a variety of clubs, including, Running Club, Student Senate, and Math League. Thomas Worthington also offers many AP classes to get an early start on college credits before graduation day.

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