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We’d like to introduce you to some of the team members at AM commercial group, who have been the backbone of the renovation at Synergy Work Suites in Worthington, Ohio.


We first got to know “Alex” as the Real Estate agent who is selling part of his residential portfolio. Now, you have to acknowledge that when a Real Estate agent tries to sell his portfolio; you get a little intrigued!! I mean, is there something wrong with his units? Is he losing money? Or are we complete idiots to get into this deal?!!

However, our skepticism turned out to be unfounded, as Alex turned out to be extremely honest and helpful, going above and beyond helping us navigate this new world of being landlords. He even refused to sell us some other properties, which he knew would require more work and could cost us more than we can handle. This is Alexander Medvec the owner, CEO and -as sometimes he calls himself- the Janitor of AM Commercial group.


His Right-hand man, Jeff Plank, is an equally smart and interesting character. Throughout the renovation of Synergy Work Suites, he has been brain storming ways to optimize function and aesthetics to create an inviting and efficient workspace. He always had a smile on his face even when we asked him the same question probably 10 times! This guy works weekdays, weekends, early mornings… whatever was needed to get the job done!

“Well, if you don’t work, you are asking for trouble” he taught us!

Of course there would be no finished product without Shawn Atchley and Sean Vandendriessche. Do you see how their names are written differently, yet pronounced the same? Well, that’s exactly how they are, very pleasant hard-working men, but completely different characters, Sean is really quiet that you only realize he is there when you hear the hammer banging on the floor, while Shawn, on the other hand, can be heard singing his lungs out from miles away – he carries a great tune by the way. They ran through the renovation extremely efficiently, but also very thoroughly.

As a business owner, we realize that our business couldn’t exist without this skilled team. Finding people who care about our investment as we do has been like uncovering gems. We at Synergy Work Suites are delighted to continue working with them on future projects. If you would like any more information about AM Commercial group- don’t hesitate to call us- seriously.

AM Commercial group


Phone: 614-900-4262

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