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Top Sites to See in the Forest Park East Neighborhood in Columbus, OH - Best Coworking Space Near Me

About The Forest Park East Neighborhood In Columbus, Ohio


The Forest Park East neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio is a community of about 4,000 people. It is bounded by Whetstone Creek on the east, I-270 on the north and west, and South Hague Avenue to the south. The city has designated it as one of its “urban villages” because of its diversity in housing types and urban form.   The neighborhood has been growing steadily since 2000 with an average population growth rate of 1% per year over that time period. This steady growth can be attributed to many factors including proximity to Downtown Columbus, diverse housing options for young professionals or families looking for affordable homes near good schools, parks, and green space. 

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Things To Do In Forest Park East In Columbus, Ohio


Forest Park East is full of things to do! You can go for a walk, bike ride, or run on the paved path that surrounds the park. There’s also a playground for the kids, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a football/soccer field. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, there are several ponds with fountains and beautiful gardens to enjoy. And don’t forget about all of the wonderful restaurants and shops in the Clintonville area – Forest Park East is right in the middle of it all! Here’s a shortlist of our favorite things to do in this amazing community:

Wickertree is a welcoming, fun place to learn and play tennis. They have access to great courts with experienced instructors who will help you succeed at any level from social doubles games all the way up through competitive USTA matches!

They know how passionate players can get about this sport because they are active members themselves–their owners love playing it as much now after having spent years coaching others on what they need for success in their own game; plus staff members come every day ready not only teach but also encourage newcomers just like them looking forward towards achieving goals soon enough themselves.

The Columbus Square Bowling Palace is Central Ohio’s #1 choice for a fun day with friends or family! With 64 lanes, an amazing arcade games room (with weekly foosball tournaments), delicious food from their own restaurant, and party rooms perfect for your special events; it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to celebrate birthdays/holidays – they’ve got something that will suit everyone’s needs. In addition, being only 10 minutes away from Polaris Office Park where many companies are located as well Easton & Gahanna shopping centers which provide plenty more options when deciding what kind of attire should be worn while visiting The COLUMBUS Square Bowling Palace.

Fear Columbus is one of the largest and most elaborate haunted house productions in Ohio. Featuring multiple immersive attractions under one roof, photo ops for your loved ones to enjoy as well! A retail store where you can find all things frighteningly fabulous like our merchandise – we’ve got everything from masks up through body parts these days; endless scares with dozens upon highly trained actors who will do whatever they must so that visitors feel terrified throughout their experience here at the Fear central park…and even more than that- it’s set against an original movie quality design which includes state-of hand-painted scenes on every wall making this place unparalleled.

Living in Forest Park East in Columbus, Ohio

Forest Park East is definitely one of the most popular neighborhoods in Columbus. It’s located close to downtown and has a mix of apartments, condos, townhouses, and houses. You can definitely find something that fits your budget and style here! There are tons of great restaurants and bars, as well as plenty of parks and green spaces. If you’re looking for an urban vibe with lots to do, Forest Park East is a great option! Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

As Disciples, they are called to love their neighbors as Jesus does. They welcome all persons into the faith community, regardless of previous religious affiliation or mode by which they were baptized; gender identity is not relevant here because God created us with limitless potential in mind – and there’s no room for labels when it comes to following his son!

In 2013, the Epworth community celebrated 50 years of loving God and others for thousands. The name “Epworth” means “church at the edge” – they are a church that’s willing to go where they need them most in Northland or on other continents across this world; it has always been about people coming here with their needs so they can be partners through whatever struggles come up together as one family under Christ our Lord who loves everyone equally no matter where you live!

In June of 2013, we met for the first time at a food pantry on Cleveland Avenue to talk about how God has used them in their journey. They continue now by creating history; it is not too late! On July 23rd 2017 they celebrated opening up shop across from this very location- 4555 Cleveland Ave., where there’s always been hope just waiting around every corner along with hungering souls looking out windows desperate enough that even if you can’t see any signs saying “food” outside your own house already, everything will turn out all right after all

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Forest Park East in Columbus, Ohio

Forest Park East is a Columbus, Ohio neighborhood that is home to many parks, schools, and other points of interest. Here, you will find everything from playgrounds to public libraries. Whether you are looking for something to do with your family or need to find a place to study, Forest Park East has something for everyone. Keep reading for more information on the parks, schools, and other points of interest in this vibrant community. Here’s a short list all located in Forest Park East:  

One of the Prime Soccer Parks in town! They have two soccer fields that will get you ready for any game. Kilbourne Run Sports Park is one of the top soccer facilities with highly maintained athletic fields. On-site Grounds Crews make these parks a destination for tournaments or events! The 35 acres of prime land at Kilburn run includes 16 acres that can be used year-round while the 20-acre lot. They have it all here including three regulation-size football/soccer fields as well sun-bleached hardwood trees ready for your next party H2O mission.

Northland High School is the largest comprehensive high school in Columbus City Schools. Our advanced, dual credit and college preparatory courses are tailored to meet each student’s needs for diverse learning styles with ACHIEVE being at the center of it all-as students learn about achieving their personal bests by working towards both academic excellence as well as extracurricular passions! They also have many service organizations where you can get involved outside of class or on weekdays; so whether your interests lie within arts & entertainment like music or theater productions, sports such martial arts/taekwondo .or any other possible activity.

  • Tamarack KinderCare | 1955 Tamarack Cir N, Columbus, OH 43229, United States

Tamarack KinderCare is the one-stop-shop for all your child’s needs. From an early age, they provide a safe and nurturing environment that helps them develop confidence as they grow into teenagers! Their staff is dedicated to providing the best learning experience possible so every kid feels confident in their abilities from day 1 at Tamarack.

  • Columbus Metropolitan Library: Karl Road Branch | 5590 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH 43229, United States

Columbus Metropolitan Library’s mission is to engage, enlighten and empower the community. It offers a diverse collection of materials including books, DVDs, CDs and more in both English and Spanish. The library provides a safe space for all members of the community to come in and enjoy their free time while they read or watch television in an environment where they can be themselves without judgement from others. They have many programs that are geared towards children such as story time sessions with professional actors from local theater companies who entertain with stories, songs and crafts. There are also teen programming events like Anime Club with cosplay contests! In addition to these programs there is always something happening at CMPL Karl Road Branch but you will have to stop by yourself to see what it is.


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