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Mariam El-Shamaa

We first met Mariam El-Shamaa when she was an attorney working at a firm in Downtown Columbus. As it happened, she followed her dreams and decided to open up her own immigration law practice at the same time that Synergy Work Suites was renovating office space in Worthington. The timing was nothing but perfect.

As an immigration attorney, Mariam has clients all across the state and even the country. She shared with us how she has helped clients who have fled their home countries, seeking safety in the United States, as well as new immigrants looking to bring a spouse or parent to live closer to them. I remember the first time I visited her in her old office when I saw bags and boxes filled with food and clothes! Noticing the curious look on my face, she explained it was for immigrants who needed some help to get on their feet.

Mariam also helps professionals and business owners with their business immigration matters, whether that is bringing employees to the United States or working with U.S. employers to file paperwork for professionals on their way to U.S. permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship.

Mariam has initially decided to have all her meetings virtually, however over time she found she missed the connection she makes with her clients when she meets them face to face and that’s when she went looking for office spaces. With Synergy Work Suites providing private offices with high-speed fiber internet, it didn’t take long for her to decide.

Whether it’s for a video or phone call, or for a confidential in-person meeting with clients, Att. Mariam El-Shamma is ready to help you.

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