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5 Predictions About the Future of Work [Remote Workspaces are Coming!]

The future of work is changing. It’s not clear what the world will look like in five years, but it’s important to consider what changes are happening now and how they’ll affect us in the future. We live in a time where technology has changed our lives so much that we can’t imagine living without it. Yet many things have become more difficult because of this advancement– one being finding work! Here are 5 predictions for the future of work that might just change your life for good!

1. Flexible Working Hours

Workers will have more control over their schedule so they can work at a time that works best for them. Varying schedules allow workers to be able to do other things such as being with family or taking care of children without having to miss out on much-needed paychecks.

Flexible schedules are beneficial in encouraging happiness and productivity among employees because it allows people the freedom they need to live fulfilling lives outside of the workplace.

Allowing flexible scheduling encourages talent retention by allowing employers top talent from around the world instead of just those who happen to reside close by geographically. It makes finding reliable workers easier as well which is good for business owners everywhere. In addition, flexibility boosts morale and increases engagement among employees.

The future of work will continue to grow because more and more people are realizing that flexibility is beneficial for everyone involved. Flexible schedules have been shown to increase productivity, morale, motivation, satisfaction levels among employees as well as positive energy at the workplace so it’s no wonder why predictions about flexible scheduling in the future of work are being made everywhere!

2. Remote Workspaces Are Coming!

Remote workspaces are more productive and are better for workers’ health and wellbeing. It will help increase workplace diversity by giving people the flexibility to work where it’s best suited. With remote working on the rise predictions about how this new way of working may change in the future are becoming a hot topic among leaders of today!

As more and more companies continue to adopt a remote workforce, there are predictions about how this will influence the future of work.

The number one trend in the top predictions for the future of work is that people want flexibility with where they can do their job from. This has been true since telecommuting was first introduced but it’s still very relevant today as many employees find being able to choose between doing their job at home or on-site an important perk when choosing a company to work for.

In addition to giving employees choice over where they get their work done from, organizations have also found great success by having workers who live close enough be able to commute into the office every day while others come in only once or twice a week rather than working exclusively from home.

3. The Future Of Work Is Expected To Have A More Long-Term View On Hiring And Retention Methods In Order To Retain Skilled Personnel

This has also been evident with the increase in remote working as it makes it easier for people who live far away from their company’s headquarters or have family obligations that require more flexibility, stay on while others would be forced out due to location constraints. In addition, this allows employers to save costs by only having certain staff involved in specific projects rather than having everyone come into the office every day even if they aren’t contributing much at all.

Predictions about how the future of work will change include predictions that millennials are going to drive many new changes in the future of work. Millennials are currently dominating the modern workforce and predictions about them claim they are going to push for more transparency within organizations, increased diversity initiatives, higher priority on corporate social responsibility, better management practices including coaching their managers rather than managing up or down.

4. The Reduction Of Business Travel

The reduction of business travel is predicted in the future of work because it predicts that more people will be working remotely. Work will still get done, but there won’t need to be face-to-face meetings with clients or coworkers as often. This reduces carbon emissions and saves money on gas expenses for companies. It also has less of an impact on coworker relationships since they are not seeing each other every day at work like before when everyone was in offices together all the time.

5. Adaptability Is The Skill Of The Future

In the future of work, adaptability will be a top skill because with change comes opportunity. In today’s market place it can be difficult to predict what jobs and skills may trend in the years ahead.

However, the most successful workers going forward will not only learn how to embrace these changes but also use them as opportunities for advancement within their organizations or even branch out into new industries altogether.

The future of work is changing and we’re here to help you keep up. Flexible working hours, remote workspaces, long-term hiring practices – the workforce has a lot to look forward to in the coming years. But what if this change scares you? What can you do now so that your organization will be ready for tomorrow’s changes? We want to take some time today and chat with you about how we might be able to help. Call us today and let’s talk about how our team could serve as an extension of yours by developing strategies that align with where your industry is headed!


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